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Translating academic    discoveries into real-world impact with Lab-to-Life (L2L) outcomes-based financing.

Who we are

The PALIO Impact Funding Accelerator is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to calibrating academic research for social solutions with outcomes-based investment loans, unlocking the impact potential of academic discoveries.

PIMFA focuses on research in sustainability, health, housing, education & the arts, and social justice

Funding the Gap

PALIO believes that potential solutions to many of society’s most pressing problems exist in the research occurring in academic labs across the country.


Promising research often loses momentum due to insufficient access to growth capital.

It is imperative that we develop the funding to enable research teams to refine and scale their real-world applications so that these solutions may be developed into policy.


The Palio Impact Funding Accelerator (PIMFA) funds the “gap” between impact-focused research and success-based investment loan payoffs. 

What We Offer
About Us

The Education and Homeownership Program 

participating family

EHOP partners with national/community organizations to provide families with programming to achieve positive outcomes—in terms of education, employment, health, etc.—that serve as indicators of economic mobility.

EHOP Programming

As a byproduct, these benchmarks create significant societal value and government savings. 

positive outcomes - education, employment, health, etc.

home ownership

EHOP delivers a portion of this resulting value back to the families in the form of homeownership.

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